Produced and Directed by
Michael Smith

Written by
Michael Smith and Vincent Francone

Edited by
Michael Smith and Bernice Man

Director of Photography
Daaimah Mubashshir

Sound Recorded by
Alex Fisher

Costume Design and Art Direction by
Charlie Nickel

Music Composed and Performed by
Dan Agosto

Assistant Director
Bernice Man

Production Assistants
Drew Smith and Andrea Dauser

Fight Choreography by
Mia Park and Duane Sharp

Titles and Special Effects by
Joel Benjamin

Sound Mixed by
Dan Agosto

Prop Guns Provided by
R & D Choreography

Additional Videography
Melika Bass

Additional Electronic Music
Alex Fisher

(in order of appearance)
Linnea Chiang – Mia Park
Police Officer – Hans de Bartolo
Wild Bill – Willie Daniels
News Anchor – Caren Evers
Chief Chiapetti – Duane Sharp
Joe Van Zwick – Circus-Szalewski
Rollo – JD Hennig
Vinnie – Vincent Francone
Smitty – Michael Smith
Bowls – Bowls MacLean
Edgar Alvarez – Manny Toro
Jeremy Markham – Dareese
Mr. Mutt – Randy Loiseau
Mr. Lang – Lloyd Collins
Peyton Farquar – Kevin Viol
Liz – Liz Kavanagh
Linnea’s Fan – Andrew Gotschall
Ol’ Stabby – John Causgrove
Tobacco Shop Employee – Daaimah Mubashshir
Frank – Paul Perroni
Frank’s Friend – Nathan Trares
Bartender – Jeremy Quinn
Video Store Employee – Bernice Man

Halloween Party:
Keystone Cop – Drew Smith
Genie – Leigh Kuyper
Fairie – Carrie Lee Bland
Dominatrix – Kaylee Williams
Priest – Alex Fisher
Audrey Hepburn – Taranee Wangsatorntanakhun
Marilyn Monroe – Bernice Man

Songs “The Lakes of Ponchartrain” and “I’m a Man You Don’t Meet Every Day”
(Traditional, Adapted and Arranged by Mia Park)

The Hong Kong Tourism Board
The Smith Family
Julie Pittenger
Diana Silvius and Up Down Tobacco
Rockefeller Chapel
The Hideout Inn
Webster’s Wine Bar
The Television Department at Columbia College
Roosevelt University
Hard Boiled Records and Video
Richard Gilbert
Rock Star Club
Adam Selzer
Jamie Holesha
Jill McKenna
Dan Mohr
Andy Lien
Doug Kotoske
Milan Pribisic
Fantasy Costumes

Filmed on location in Chicago and Hong Kong