doubt coverThat’s the question everyone is asking in one of the headiest and most wildly inventive no-budget DV features you are ever likely to see. Linnea Chiang (the amazing Mia Park) is a mild-mannered tobacconist by day and a masked master thief by night; like some modern day Robin Hood, the black vinyl-clad “Doubt” robs large corporations and gives the money away to homeless people on the streets of Chicago. Over the course of the film’s dazzling plot turns, Linnea develops relationships with two very different men: Joseph Van Zwick (Circus-Szalewski), the ruthless CEO of the corrupt “World Energy” company, and Edgar Alvarez (Manny Toro), an idealistic young reporter for “The Windy City Weekly,” Chicago’s leading alternative newspaper. In an ironic twist, Edgar is assigned to write a story on The Doubt, never dreaming that Linnea, the woman he has become romantically involved with, could be her alter-ego. As both of these men, as well as Chief Inspector Anthony Chiapetti (Duane Sharp) of the Chicago police, begin to close in on The Doubt’s true identity, Linnea is forced to make a decision about her future that will affect the lives of everyone involved . . .

Combining as much humor, romance, suspense, kung-fu, music and social commentary as one movie can stand, first-time writer/director Michael G. Smith boldly uses various genre frameworks to explore the themes of role-playing and identity in a uniquely contemporary context. Shot on 24P digital video in Chicago and Hong Kong and dedicated to filmmakers Louis Feuillade and Chor Yuen, The Doubt walks a fascinating stylistic tightrope between the fantastical and the realistic. The result is a dynamic portrait of urban America in the new millennium in all of its multicultural glory.